MAYA by Sofilab
Augmented Reality Installation in MAYA

Sofilab is a Munich-based sonic design studio and innovation lab working at the crossroads of art, industry and technology. It initiates projects and starts research on the topics of digital music practice, media and sound art, interactive communication, industrial sound design and audio-guided appliances.

As a think tank, an international network of artists, technologists and entrepreneurs work together with clients and partners. They learn by prototyping and experimentation to create experiences and applications that are truly innovative on many levels. Those new forms of sonic communication are often co-financed through sponsors and funds and connect directly to art institutions and partners from industry and services.

Sofilab started out 2015 as the digital programming studio for the projects by music designer and theatre maker Mathis Nitschke. In 2017, Sofilab became also the name of the limited company Sofilab UG which produces music-theatrical experiences.

Our projects deal with the challenges of adaptive music, location-specific sound and audiophile 3D immersion for virtual and mixed reality environments.

Mathis Nitschke

VERGEHEN: GPS-enabled music walk

Developed by SofilabVERGEHEN is an opera that you walk by Mathis Nitschke. 

Download the VERGEHEN app to your smartphone, take your headphones and walk at the Munich river Isar. You can walk VERGEHEN on any day at any time and in any weather.

ANON by Sofilab

ANON: Escape the murder (smartphone game)

With Audio by SofilabANON: Escape the Murder is a first person adventure game series based on the world of ANON the film created by critically acclaimed and award winning director Andrew Niccol (know for Gattaca, In Time). 

Sound design and Sound programming by Sofilab.

MAYA: Mixed-Reality-Techno-Opera

Produced by Sofilab, the opera staged the former heating plant Munich-Aubing as a historic site.

Through the AR-app on the own smartphone, the spectator betook himself in the perspective of a new civilization in the distant future, and looked back in amazement on the demise of our current civilization in the near future.

Sofilab is also a place of education. Programmers, Designers and business people learn to use their aural sense, to understand and communicate through sound. Technical eartraining, music design and sound practices are among the subjects taught.  


For the time being, please get in touch with Sofilab by using Mathis Nitschke’s contact page at